• Bun (boon) Bowl


    with your choice of any 2 items: succulent bbq pork, flavourful lemon grass
    chicken, pork spring rolls or vegetarian spring rolls.

  • Chicken Curry Bowl

    The CHEF'S Special

    Includes: Vietnamese style marinated chicken, potatoes, carrots, a freshly
    baked & lightly toasted French baguette, to ensure not a morsel is left.


Hello and welcome!

Hello Calgarians!
The Bun Boys have done it! We’ve travelled to remote villages of Vietnam to gather our favorite family recipes. It wasn’t easy, but definitely worth it! Our food is packed with rich vibrant colors and flavorful spices that will leave you speechless. It’s our pleasure to bring the authentic taste of Vietnam to you. See you soon, bring your friends.

Bun Boys

Stay Local

We are proud to say that whenever possible our tasty ingredients are locally sourced

Bun Boys


The Idea

As any true Vietnamese food connoisseur will tell you, the best Authentic Vietnamese food in Calgary, can be found on “17 Ave SE” AKA: International Avenue. This can be out of the way for many Calgarians so this is why we decided to bring our food to the street, making it more convenient for busy Calgarians. While Vietnamese food is known for its’ simplicity, the extensive use of fresh herbs, spices, and aromatics provides customers with a “comfort food” feeling. We understand the freshness of each ingredient is crucial to creating mouth-watering dishes that will leave you craving it again and again.

The Story

Our story… We both grew up in homes where the preparation of each Vietnamese dish was made in the traditional way, both appearance and taste was important. This tradition has been passed on to us and we have perfected it along the way. We hope you’ll agree, come and decide for yourself…

The Bun Boys

Donavan came to Canada in 2007 and immediately began working to help support his family. In 2010, he suffered a work place injury, as a result of which he had to find employment in a new field. This left him at a disadvantage in the employment industry. Never one to give up, he went a new route and decided to perfect his culinary skills while working in one of his family’s restaurants. This is where it all began…
While John has always been a food connoisseur, his second passion is entrepreneurship. John is always looking for the next new business endeavor where he can contribute to the success and growth of a company.
Combined with their love of good food & a desire to succeed, between Donavan and John…The Bun Boys were born!!!
With the help of friends and family, they took their idea of becoming mobile food vendors and turned it into the Big Blue YYC food truck that will be on the streets of Calgary serving some of the best Vietnamese food that Calgarians has ever tasted.


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